Orange Peel and Skin Health: An Exploratory Study on Potential Benefits

Shreya Jaiswal and Supriya Singh Gaur


The discarded orange peel from the citrus fruit industry has recently been found to have potential benefits for skin health. Orange peel contains flavonoids, limonoids, and carotenoids, which possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These compounds protect the skin from oxidative stress and inflammation caused by environmental factors like Ultraviolet (UV) radiation and pollution. This peel is also observed as a rich source of vitamin C which is beneficial in maintaining collagen synthesis, a protein that maintains skin elasticity and firmness. Using orange peel extract or essential oil in cosmetics reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. The compounds present in orange peel also possess antimicrobial properties, which are beneficial for treating acne and other skin infections. Additionally, the extracts of orange peel can lighten the skin, and have potential to treat hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. It suppresses the activity of tyrosinase, an enzyme involved in melanin synthesis. Overall, orange peel is considered a valuable source of bioactive compounds that can improve skin health. Its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, collagen-stimulating, antimicrobial, and skin lightening properties make it a potential ingredient in skincare products. This review aims at exploring the potential benefits of orange peel for skin well-being. The major focus is on the antioxidant content, antimicrobial properties, and anti-inflammatory effect of orange peel extracts. Through this investigation, the goal is to get a better understanding of how orange peel can support healthy skin and potentially offer natural solutions for skin-related concerns. The findings from this study will serve as a basis for future research and the potential creation of skincare products incorporating orange peel extracts.

Published on: October 26, 2023
doi: 10.17756/jfcn.2023-s1-013
Citation: Jaiswal S, Gaur SS. 2023. Orange Peel and Skin Health: An Exploratory Study on Potential Benefits.J Food Chem Nanotechnol 9(S1): S91-S99.