Volume 8 Issue 2

Compound Identification and Physicochemical Properties of Syrian Plum Molasses

Mahfouz Al-Bachir
Starches from white yam, trifoliate yam and sweet potato were modified through heat moisture treatment (HMT) and acetylation before investigating their physicochemical and functional properties for applicable utilizations. CWYS (acetylated white yam starch) significantly (p<0.05) gave highest values in: blue value index (49.00%), amylose (33.65%), syneresis (16.25%); and lowest values in: oil absorption capacity (54.33%), solubility (16.40%), amylopectin (66.38%) and gelation concentration (7.00%).

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Agri-Food Valuation of Oak Fruits in Human Consumption: Formulation of Desserts

Boutheina Stiti, Faten Mezni, Youkabed Zarroug, Awatef Slama, Sondes Fkiri, Faten Ayari and Abdelhamid Khaldi
Among the fruits whose economic value was underestimated, oak acorns (Quercus sp.) are gradually arousing interest by their biochemical and biological properties. The objective of this study was to incorporate acorns into human food through the formulation of new desserts.

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