Volume 6 Issue 2

Current Megatrends in Food Production Related to Microbes

E. Elias Hakalehto
The five major global phenomena or trends both in our thinking and in our societies that have strong links to the microbial kingdom:
A. Human population growth continuously increases the demand for hygienically safe and adequate supplies to prevent qualitative and quantitative malnutrition.

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Seaweeds: A Food for Our Future

Lydia Ferrara
Seaweeds contain biologically active compounds with different therapeutic potentials. They have also found application in the food and pharmaceutical industries as sources of functional food ingredients, nutraceuticals, food supplements, food hydrocolloids and biotechnological products.

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Identification of Indigenous Yeast Strains from Spontaneous Vinification of Grapes from the Red Variety Avgoustiatis Zakynthou (Ionian Islands, Greece) and Antioxidant Activity of the Produced Wine

Effimia Eriotou, Nikolaos Kopsahelis, Iliada Lappa, Dimitra Alimpoumpa, Vasiliki Diamanti and Dionysios Koulougliotis
The diversity of the indigenous yeast strains present in the product of spontaneous vinification (5-day fermentation period) of the red grape variety Avgoustiatis Zakynthou (Ionian Islands, Greece) was explored, followed by determination of the alcohol tolerance of all identified strains.

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