Impacts of Palm Bunch Ash and Brine Solutions on the Microbial and Organoleptic Properties of “Ugba” (Pentaclethra macrophyll Benth)

Anthonia Ezidimma Uzoukwu, Michael Nwankwo Chukwu, Linda Oluchi Akajiaku, Euphresia Nkiru Odimegwu, Chioma Nwaobiara Eluchie, Ijeoma Maureen Agunwah, Friday Pascal Okezie and Clara Njideka Uyanwa



The impacts of palm bunch ash (PBA) and brine solutions on the microbial and organoleptic properties of ugba were determined. The solutions were prepared from 500 g of PBA and 50 g of NaCl which were dissolved in 1 L water separately. The ugba was produced and divided into 3 equal portions of 500 g. Each portion was cooked in 1 L of water which 50 ml of each solution was added separately; the third portion which is control (CON) was cooked without any solution. The portions were cooled, soaked, washed, wrapped, and fermented for 48 h. Data obtained were subjected to one-way ANOVA using SPSS software of version 21. After 4 weeks of storage, the total fungal counts (TFC) (103 cfu/g) of samples treated with ugba sample treated/cooked in brine solution (BRS4), ugba sample treated/cooked in PBA solution (PAM4) and CON4 were 0.4, 3.7, and 5.4 respectively. Fungal isolates identified were Rhizopus sp., Aspergillus sp., and yeast, Penicillum sp. The ugba samples treated with BRS4, PAM4 and CON4 had total coliform count (TCC) (negligible, 2.3 × 103 and 7.1 × 103 cfu/g), lactic acid bacteria count LABC (negligible, < 10 and 1.7 × 104 cfu/g), and total bacteria count (TBC) (< 10, 3.1 × 104 and 3.8 × 104 cfu/g) respectively. Bacteria isolates identified were Echerishia coli, Samonella sp., Lactobacillus sp., Bacillus sp., Micrococcus sp., Proteus sp., Streptococcus sp., Staphylococcus sp., and Pseudomonas sp. The overall acceptability showed that ugba sample treated with BRS4 were liked moderately like CON4 but significantly different from PAM4 (approximately 6.0). It showed that brine solution retards microbial growth and improves the organoleptic properties of the ugba after four weeks of storage.

Published on: April 05, 2024
doi: 10.17756/jfcn.2024-173
Citation: Uzoukwu AE, Chukwu MN, Akajiaku LO, Odimegwu EN, Eluchie CN, et al. 2024. Impacts of Palm Bunch Ash and Brine Solutions on the Microbial and Organoleptic Properties of “Ugba” (<i>Pentaclethra macrophyll </i>Benth). J Food Chem Nanotechnol 10(2): 40-48.