Banana Peels as Bioactive Ingredients: A Systematic Review of Nutritional and Pharmacological Attributes

Mayur Darvhankar, Aman Deep Ranga, Jignesh Kamdar, Swati Kasundra and Sandip Kumar Bera


Banana (Musa sp.) is a globally prevalent food crop, yielding a substantial quantity annually. The peel, which makes up about one-third of the fruit’s weight, is a wasted byproduct. This waste, which is often ignored, has drawn attention due to the increasing focus on using agricultural byproducts as functional ingredients. Despite this, banana peels exhibit strong antibacterial, antioxidant, and phenolic qualities, containing flavanols, rutin, quercetin, and catechin. Historically, these versatile peels have served various purposes as both food and medicine across different regions. Beyond this historical context lies unrealized potential to transform banana peels into nutritious meals. This in-depth analysis examines the inherent bioactive substances in banana peels and offers insights into the nutritional profiles of different banana varieties. A systematic examination reveals pharmacological activities linked to these compounds, uncovering anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anticancer properties. The exploration extends to potential applications in various industries, including food, agriculture, and medicine. Within the food industry, banana peels emerge as a versatile ingredient for crafting nutrient-rich functional foods, enhancing flavors, and fortifying nutritional supplements. Their use is not limited to food; it also enters the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and value-added food industries. These future applications not only promise sustainability but also economically feasible environmentally conscious practices. This analysis views banana peels as economically valuable commodities, focusing attention on their commercial application. Investigating strategies for utilizing banana peels to generate revenue while adhering to sustainable practices is essential. The synthesis of nutritional value, bioactivity, and commercial feasibility underscores the need for thorough exploration of banana peels’ potential.

Published on: November 15, 2023
doi: 10.17756/jfcn.2023-s1-073
Citation: Ashka F, Dubey PK, Kumar S. 2023. Banana Peels as Bioactive Ingredients: A Systematic Review of Nutritional and Pharmacological Attributes. J Food Chem Nanotechnol 9(S1): S577-S587.