Unlocking the Health Benefits of Mulberry Fruit Pulp: Mitigating Sepsis Risk and Beyond

Urvashi Saxena, Aparajita Bhasin and Neelambra Banati


Sepsis is a life-threatening condition characterized by a dysregulated host response to infection, resulting in systemic inflammation and organ dysfunction. Despite advances in medical care, sepsis remains a major global health concern with high morbidity and mortality rates. As a result, there is an urgent need to explore novel preventive approaches to combat sepsis and improve patient outcomes. Mulberry fruit (Morus sp.) has gained attention in recent years for its diverse bioactive compounds and potential health benefits. This review aims to investigate the effect of mulberry fruit pulp on the prevention of sepsis. The bioactive compounds present in mulberry, including polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins, and quercetin, possess antioxidant and immune-modulating properties that may play a critical role in modulating the inflammatory response and oxidative stress associated with sepsis. Additionally, we found mulberry compounds have been reported in various research to enhance immune function and mitigate tissue damage, which is significant valuable in preventing sepsis progression. The objective of the review is to find the potential mechanisms through which mulberry fruit pulp may exert its preventive effects on sepsis and highlights the need for further research to validate these findings. Through this review we found, the exploration of mulberry as a preventive measure against sepsis holds significant promise in developing natural and adjunctive therapies to combat this devastating condition with the help of different bioactive compounds present in mulberry, particularly cyanidin and anthocyanin found in mulberry.

Published on: November 02, 2023
doi: 10.17756/jfcn.2023-s1-034
Citation: Saxena U, Bhasin A, Banati N. 2023. Unlocking the Health Benefits of Mulberry Fruit Pulp: Mitigating Sepsis Risk and Beyond. J Food Chem Nanotechnol 9(S1): S263-S270.