Development of a Technology for Chocolate Mass with a Complex of Functional Ingredients

Manana Tkeshelashvili and Galina Bobozhonova



The modern consumer is making efforts to adhere to health-conscious eating trends. This shift in consumer behavior compels manufacturers to innovate, altering production methods and ingredient compositions of familiar products. Investigating the potential of chocolate as a vehicle for beneficial, functional ingredients, this study pursued the development of a novel chocolate mass production technology. The method involved careful dosing of functional ingredients, assuring consumption levels comparable to physiological norms. The process consisted of various stages and sequences, determining the optimal integration of both primary and functional ingredients into the fundamental chocolate recipe. A crucial aspect of the research was the design of a protein component, achieved through a blend of high-protein sunflower meal and whey protein concentrate. This composition provides an array of essential amino acids, closely matching those found in an ideal protein. The inclusion of this simulated protein component in the chocolate formulation aimed to increase the content of complete protein. Simultaneously, the carbohydrate profile of the chocolate was altered, replacing sugar with maltitol, a natural sugar substitute. Maltitol’s lack of hyperglycemic effect contributes to the overall goal of transforming the confectionery item into a more health-conscious choice. Moreover, the research introduced milk thistle sprouts sublimate into the formulation, providing silymarin, a natural amalgamation of biologically active substances. This inclusion not only boosted the nutritional value of the chocolate but also imbued it with the characteristics of a functional food product. In conclusion, the deliberate introduction of physiologically functional ingredients in the formulation of chocolate significantly enhances its nutritional profile, thereby offering consumers a healthier, beneficial alternative in the realm of confectionery.

Published on: August 14, 2023
doi: 10.17756/jfcn.2023-155
Citation: Tkeshelashvili M and Bobozhonova G. 2023. Development of a Technology for Chocolate Mass with a Complex of Functional Ingredients. J Food Chem Nanotechnol 9(3): 94-99.