Comparative Evaluation of Amino acid profile and In vitro antioxidant Activity of Balanites aeqyptiaca L.) Delile meal, Defatted and Concentrate

Ogori A. Friday, Eke M. Ojotu, Girgih T. Abraham and Abu J. Oneh



The need to screen potential antioxidant and expose better amino acid functional foods from plant based continue to increase. However, these plant-based food depends on their ability to proffer antioxidant ability. This study, we investigated amino acid profile and the antidiabetic resolved toasted seed from Balanites aeqyotiaca (L.) Delile comparatively. In this work we evaluated the total phenolic, flavonoid, amino acid profile and invitro antioxidant properties of Balanites aeqyptiaca (L.) Delile seed meal, defatted meal, and concentrates sample. The results revealed high total phenol (2.0mg/100g), hydrophobic amino acid (40.95%), Tryptophane (1.16%), (1,1-diphenylpicrylhydrazine radical scavenging activities (DPPH ,80%) and the hydroxyl radical scavenging activities (HRSA ,320%) was high in Balanites aeqyptiaca (L.) Delile protein concentrate (APC) sample. However, flavonoids (7mg/100g) , Superoxide radical scavenging activities (SORCA,35% ) and total antioxidant power (ABTS,8.5%) of Balanites aeqyptiaca del protein concentrate (APC) were below the reference standard .On the other hand the Balanites aeqyptiaca del defatted meal (DAM) sample has high flavonoids (12mg/100g), Aromatic amino acids (AAA) (10.42%), total antioxidant power (12%),Ferric reducing activity (0.6%) and metal chelating (65%) while the Balanites aeqyptiaca (L.)Delile meal (AM) sample show high flavonoid content (17mg/100g), Essential amino acid (EAA,47.84%), leucine (12.01%) content and lipid peroxidation (0.055%) ability The excellent ability of the Balanites aeqyptiaca (L. )Delile protein concentrate and the Balanites aeqyptiaca (L.)Delile defatted meal ( DAM) to inhibit , scavenge free radical and appreciable content of flavonoids could be part of the possible door way to which resolved materials from Aduwa seed could be used as potential bioactive to help in the management of chronic disease often associate with free radical build up in the human system.

Published on: December 26, 2022
doi: 10.17756/jfcn.2022-141
Citation: Friday OA, Ojotu EM, Abraham GT, Oneh AJ. 2022. Comparative Evaluation of Amino acid profile and Invitro antioxidant Activity of Aduwa Meal, Defatted and Concentrates. J Food Chem Nanotechnol 8(4): 201-210.