Compound Identification and Physicochemical Properties of Syrian Plum Molasses

Mahfouz Al-Bachir



The present work describes the evaluation of plum molasses (PM) as typical Syrian products called “Dibis Al-Khookh”. Some nutritional, microbial, chemical, and physical properties and storage stability of PM were investigated. The PM contents of moisture, crude protein, crude fat, ash, total sugar, and reducing sugar were: 53.31, 3.22, 0.40, 3.63, 37.44, and 28.50 %, respectively. The results confirmed that PM gives considerable amount of human mineral requirement. The total acidity (TA), pH value, total volatile basic nitrogen (TVBN), total soluble solid (TSS) and viscosity were 3.76%, 3.16, 27.57 (ppm), 37.05 °Bx and 19.33 mP.Sc, respectively. We observed that the PM was free from microorganisms. Since microorganism’s growth is influenced by pH of a medium, it is logical to suggest that PM could be stored longer as low pH has the ability to inhibit microorganism’s growth. PM was shown in this study to be a nutritional food and food ingredient. Indeed, PM could be also exploited in food industry and used as natural ingredient or additive.

Published on: June 24, 2022
doi: 10.17756/jfcn.2022-127
Citation: Al-Bachir M. 2022. Compound Identification and physicochemical properties of Syrian plum molasses. J Food Chem Nanotechnol 8(2): 61-68.