Wafers for a Vegetarian Diet: Development of a Recipe with High-Protein Flour from Sunflower Grist “Bioprotein”

M E Tkeshelashvili, G A Bobozhonova and M A Ananiev



Recently, the problem of proper nutrition is relevant. People increasingly began to switch over to a vegetarian lifestyle. A significant issue in nutrition of vegan or strict vegetarians is the amount of protein and especially its biological value. Therefore, this study aims to simulate the composition of a flour confectionery product that meets the requirements of a vegan worldview and, at the same time, has a functional focus. The object of development is wafers with fat filling, enriched with complete protein, with a full replacement of sugar
with sweeteners and the addition of dried strawberries powder or cocoa solids, depending on the recipe. Based on the laboratory tests, the composition of the filling was selected, which made it possible to enrich wafer products with protein and reduce calorie content. In addition high-protein flour “Bioprotein” obtained from sunflower grist is used for providing a high protein content in the product and the data on the amino acid composition of high-protein flour from sunflower grist are presented. Maltitol is used as a sugar substitute, and stevioside is used as a sweetener. The nutritional value of the developed wafer products has been calculated; the results obtained confirm the effectiveness of the selected recipe compositions, which are characterized by high protein content. A comparative analysis of the developed samples with the traditional recipe composition, nutritional value and caloric content of wafer products has been carried out. Thus, wafers with fat filling have been developed, which contain only plant raw materials, and are recommended for inclusion in the diet of a person adhering to a vegetarian diet, including vegans, as well as the elderly and people who take care of their health.

Published on: March 26, 2022
doi: 10.17756/jfcn.2022-122
Citation: Tkeshelashvili ME, Bobozhonova GA, Ananiev MA. 2022. Wafers for a Vegetarian Diet: Development of a Recipe with High-Protein Flour from Sunflower Grist “Bioprotein”. J Food Chem Nanotechnol 8(1): 21-25.