Current Megatrends in Food Production Related to Microbes

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E. Elias Hakalehto



The five major global phenomena or trends both in our thinking and in our societies that have strong links to the microbial kingdom:
A. Human population growth continuously increases the demand for hygienically safe and adequate supplies to prevent qualitative and quantitative malnutrition.
• Biorefineries and biotechnological techniques could be established on the basis of microbial bioengineering and understanding of natural microbial populations: this includes the reuse of food residues as well as the conversion of industrial and agricultural side streams into food sources.
B. Requirements for sustainable and climate-friendly methods have also increased considerably.
• Food ingredients can be produced from the above-mentioned additional resources which could be found within the existing processes and processes developed from them.
C. Common understanding of the vital role of soil microbes in the food production has emerged globally.
• Soil microbiota needs to be protected, and its role in the balances of carbon, nitrogen and other nutrients and elements need to be profoundly investigated.
D. Relationship between our nutrition, health and microbiome have become more and more evident to the consumers.
• Human microbiome has emerged as the core factor and contributor to our general well-being and health – the balance of the microbiome strongly influences the nutritional effects of our food, which have to be nurtured.
E. Development of novel microbiological research and production methods.
• Understanding the role of individual strains as parts of the community.
While the global developments increase the movements of people and goods, an consequently, the rise of emerging epidemics and health problems, it is possible to resist those developments by implementing the potentials of microbial strains for producing food and chemical goods, as well as for cleaning up the environment.

Published on: April 25, 2020
doi: 10.17756/jfcn.2020-087
Citation: Hakalehto EE. 2020. Current Megatrends in Food Production Related to Microbes..J Food Chem Nanotechnol 6(2): 78-87.