Volume 9 Issue 2

Anti-moulding Activity of Oleylamine-capped Silver Nanoparticles

John Kimagut Mining, Makwena Justice Moloto, Wesley Nyaigoti Omwoyo, Dominic Menge and Winny Kgabo Maboya
Moulds are filamentous fungus that may grow on a wide range of surfaces, including built surfaces, food, decaying organic debris, and humid environments. Mould development is distinguished by an unpleasant odour and an unsightly look in confined or non-ventilated areas.

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Effects of Milling, Germination Temperature and Time on Nutrients, Bioactive Compounds and Pasting Properties of FARO 44 Brown Rice

Ekpeno Sunday Ukpong, Emeka Felix Okpalanma, Roseline Nwabugo Attaugwu, Babatunde Stephen Oladeji and Uzoma Charles Onyeukwu
Effects of milling, germination temperature and time on nutrients, bioactive compounds and pasting properties of FARO 44 brown rice (UBR) were evaluated. Germinated brown rice (GBR) samples were obtained by germinating UBR at 30 and 40 °C for 12 and 36 h. Nutrients, bioactive compounds and pasting properties of the GBR were analyzed and compared to the controls which comprised its counterparts from UBR and non-germinated parboiled milled rice (UMR).

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