Volume 6 Issue 3

Comparative Evaluation of Five Different Cultivars of Chestnut Flower (Castanea mollissima Blume): Phytonutrient and Chemical Contents, Antioxidant and Anti-tumor Activities

Hongyang Yin, Fei Peng, Deyue Fan and Yuedong Yang
Chestnut flower has been a well-known Chinese traditional medicine to be consumed for clearing heat and intestinal infectious diseases. It is necessary to characterize them in accordance to nutritional value into sources of bioactive nutraceuticals with potential health benefits.

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Applying an Ingredient with Antioxidant Activity and its Effect on the Nutritional and Sensory Quality of Cookies

Gisela Fabiani, Silvina Generoso, Karina Costa, Domingo Rosas and Sara Macías
Adding regional flours to the making of crackers is a good alternative to provide more vulnerable population with an affordable and of appropriate nutritional value proposal. The sensorial quality of nutritional foods influences their consumption and this is why knowing the attributes the consumer privileges at the time of their consumption is appropriate.

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Efficacy of Cinnamon and Qysoom Essential Oils, Alone and in Combination, to Retard Lipid Oxidation in Olive Oil and Frozen Beef-Burger Models

Saddam S. Awaisheh, Razan J. Rahahleh, Sharaf S. Omar, Maher M. Al-Dabbas, Moawiya A. Haddad, and Salam A.

Oxidation consequences are detrimental for sensory and shelf life of meat products. Because of its safety and effectiveness, natural antioxidants are increasingly demanded by consumers and legal authorities. Therefore, this study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of essential oils (EOs) of Cinnamomum verum (Cinnamon, CEOs) and Ahcillea Arabica (Qysoom, QEOs) to retard lipid oxidation in olive oil and frozen beef-burger models against BHT.

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