Volume 6 Issue 1

Ethnic Fermented Food Products of Nagaland, India

Chitta Ranjan Deb and Bendangnaro Jamir
Ethnic food fermentation process forms one of the oldest methods of food preparation and preservation which not only increases the shelf life of the food but have benefits of improving the physiochemical characteristics and nutritional quality.

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Foam Mat Drying of Tommy Atkins Mango: Effects of Air Temperature and Concentrations of Soy Lecithin and Carboxymethylcellulose on Carotenoid Compounds and Colorimetric Parameters

Francine Albernaz Teixeira Fonseca Lobo, Josiane Domingues, Deborah Falcão, Carla Stinco, Francisco Rodríguez-Pulido, Carlos Eduardo Faria, Francisco Heredia, Katia Gomes de Lima Araujo and Dolores Vila
Mango is an important tropical fruit and a source of bioactive compounds. In this work foam mat drying was used for Tommy Atkins mango pulp.

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