Volume 2 Issue 3

Polydiacetylene Vesicles for Detecting Surfactants: Understanding the Driven Forces of Polydiacetylene – Surfactant Interaction

Ana Clarissa S. Pires, Nilda de Fátima F. Soares, Luis Henrique M. da Silva, Maria do Carmo H. da Silva, Jaqueline de P. Rezende and Geany Peruch Camilloto
Surfactants are widely used by food industry thus its discharge is an environmental concern; and development of Polydiacetylene (PDA)-based sensors may detect these molecules. However, to improve the sensor efficiency is necessary to understand interactions between PDA vesicles and surfactants.

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Fruits and Vegetables as Dietary Sources of Antimutagens

Satyendra Gautam, Sudhanshu Saxena and Sanjeev Kumar
Mutation is the process leading to heritable changes in the genetic material of an organism and caused mainly by the external factors, including chemical and physical agents, or can also occur spontaneously due to errors in DNA replication, repair, and recombination.

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